hell'o how are you today? curious enough to search engine my name,,,SEARCH PARTy GOOGLE BING SEARCH TEAM ,,, after several evolutions of this site I'm back to the basics of freestreamingconsciousness inventing the format, style, and genre,,,I've proven the origins of the phrase by buying the term's domain.com www.freestreamingconsciousness.com ,,,most of the formation of thoughts around the spin of free streaming and stream of consciousness are in the tweets @ www.twitter.com/20Confessions curious myself, I'm skydriving the phrase with improvements made with YOU and Your Comments On the Road,,,here we are,,,here we go

    Guitars my whole life. As a baby I had a guitar in my crib. A 4 rubberband blue plastic guitar. Eventually I was old enough to catch Jimi Hendrix on TV. I imeadiately smahed my favorite acoustic guitar. I was heart broken, creying all day long. As my mom put the broken guitar. On top of my dresser. I wasn't even tall enough to reach it. I've heard I'm not the only future guitar god to go through this.

    Then at the age 12. I was a fram kid. My dad and I bought a Sears and Roebuck Sunburst Telecaster froma friend on another farm. In Flemington, Nj. I was obessed with Van Halen 1984. I would run home from school and watch them on TV. Reading the countless interveiws where Ed would talk about his clones. I promised myself I would never sound or look like him. I'd develope my own style by writing songs instead of learning covers. 

     I started practicing 4 hours a day with Doug Marks Metal Method Cassette lessons. My first amp was a Mosfet Marshall Stack. My dad was a great guy back then. I practiced myself right out of school. Dropping out in 10th grade. I got a GED and Immeadiately went to Guitar School in Minneapolis. 

     A car crash slowed everything down. All my friends were signing Record Contracts. I slipped into Boulder, Colorado for a decade On the Road. Growing up on the streets of America. Traveling to both Coasts.

    Finally coming to Austin in 2011 to play #SXSW2012!! The Sky's the Limit. Follow Through and an Envitable Break into the Music Industry. 

     Piano Brand Fell 20 Confessions of a GuitaristSongwriter, Vanity Label Motel Paper Records

Secret Backdoor to a Page that Disapppears ~~~ www.tyruspiano.com/origins  ,,,as my Internet Script Evloves there will be plenty of these invisible trap doors hiding the greatest confessions ever to materialize online,,, come find the forgotten families history hides with grace notes,,,and then as well as now back off the backdoor   ,,,please okok NEWS

     #NEWS Secret Eniac is Manhattan (The Humans Can have their secret back) 

as for my future in the music industry,,,fame is mere follow through at this stage. You're Exactly On the Ground Floor Looking Into the fUTURE,,,the bottom line~~ the tunes themselves strong enough for a new generation of music lovers,,,praying to meet you,,, professional collaborators, my a-list fanbase some of the reality of my name online,,,the a-list backstage and behind the scenes at the studios is definitively building my resume as the next big star,,,just continue your curiousity and do some homework=Please Scroll Click-On the HiLightedLINKS to discover all the music and the online innovations I'm developing, learning myself at the speed of life,,,the next stages are full of insight from old school pro's with the savy to expand this informal request that you actually follow through yourself,,,I'm doing as much as possible to excite you and turn you on to the future of music right here right now,,, here today with these unorthadox taboe forms,,,

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