hell'o how are you today? curious enough to search engine my name,,,SEARCH PARTy GOOGLE BING SEARCH TEAM ,,, after several evolutions of this site I'm back to the basics of freestreamingconsciousness inventing the format, style, and genre,,,I've proven the origins of the phrase by buying the term's domain.com www.freestreamingconsciousness.com ,,,most of the formation of thoughts around the spin of free streaming and stream of consciousness are in the tweets @ www.twitter.com/20Confessions curious myself, I'm skydriving the phrase with improvements made with YOU and Your Comments On the Road,,,here we are,,,here we go

as for my future in the music industry,,,fame is mere follow through at this stage. You're Exactly On the Ground Floor Looking Into the fUTURE,,,the bottom line~~ the tunes themselves strong enough for a new generation of music lovers,,,praying to meet you,,, professional collaborators, my a-list fanbase some of the reality of my name online,,,the a-list backstage and behind the scenes at the studios is definitively building my resume as the next big star,,,just continue your curiousity and do some homework=Please Scroll Click-On the HiLightedLINKS to discover all the music and the online innovations I'm developing, learning myself at the speed of life,,,the next stages are full of insight from old school pro's with the savy to expand this informal request that you actually follow through yourself,,,I'm doing as much as possible to excite you and turn you on to the future of music right here right now,,, here today with these unorthadox taboe forms,,,

20Confessions.com  GuitaristSongwriter.com LetterTab.com ClubTyrus.com   XXconfessions.com  motelpaper.comsundayblush.com raise2praise.com twentyconfessions.com pianoltd.com guitarist-songwriter.com 30silvercoins.com andthegodswillsigh.com endgodswillsigh.com homeinvasionresponse.com  freestreamingconsciousness.com These WebSite Domains have been written and are up online nd down offline from time to time. the Future of My 2020Confessions Format 20 Female Domains Verses 20 Male Domains with OnLine Dateing Subscritption Door Private Cyber Club Confessions of My A-List FanBase,,,Music Referal Services AustinAnarchy.com MileHighClubGhostTracks.com and then Distribution with Platinum Room HookUps for Pros Only  MotelPaperRecords.com MotelPaperTour.comMotelPaperJournal.com MotelPaperPhotoJournal.com MPLabel.com ReDefineing Rock n Roll Computers and Pirates and for now just a Public Announcement. Plans for These Future Domains and MorePetitionPatronSaint.com 30SilverPieces.com 29 togo Step Up Collaborate Ignite Energize 912 the Future Today theGreatAmericanSpirit912.com Blackout7.com SundayMorningBlush.com Song Titles as Verse Trademark Copyright Domain Innovation Expand the Tactic of My Cyber World Profile Novella Into Web Design Crossover through In Person Contact Focusing Real World Expirence!! Come One Come All4One Into Our Eniac2Maniac Matrix Revolution,,,

Secret Backdoor to a Page that Disapppears ~~~ www.tyruspiano.com/origins  ,,,as my Internet Script Evloves there will be plenty of these invisible trap doors hiding the greatest confessions ever to materialize online,,, come find the forgotten families history hides with grace notes,,,and then now back off brita backdoor virgin 4ever whatever violet REvirgin 2brita twin dragon  then megan never found lost art lisa change your name please okok NEWS #NEWS Secret Eniac is Manhattan (The Humans Can have their secret back) ,,, with My New Band Banner Motel Paper Records FreeStreamingConsciousness  Piano Brand 

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